Monday, May 30, 2016

"No Guns, No Suicides!"

That's another lying myth promoted by the anti-gun fools. They think that someone determined to kill him/herself can't figure out a way to do it without a gun. How stupid ARE these people that they think we'll believe such pap? One recent such suicide attempt in Santiago where a man stripped naked and jumped into a lion cage in an attempt at suicide is a good example. It was foiled, and the man survived, though he was in “grave” condition at a local hospital. He was saved by the lions being—wait for it—SHOT by zoo keepers. They tried to tranquilize the lions, but managed to tranquilize him, instead. So they finally shot them to death. I hate that it had to go that way, because the lions weren't at fault. They were just being lions. But the whole point here is, that when fools want to kill themselves, they'll find a way, and lack of guns (if that were even possible) would not deter them. (The Sun)

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