Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Our Vets

On this day of mourning for the thousands of young men and women who gave their livers that we might remain a free nation, Obama goes around mouthing the platitudes that all presidents are expected to mouth on this day, while spending the rest of his time making rules that get more and more of these fine young people killed because they're not ALLOWED to fight back, effectively. He praises the dead, but his words are meaningless because he doesn't care. If he did, he wouldn't make “rules of combat” that inhibit their ability to fight effectively while the enemy beheads us, kidnaps our people, put them through hell, and ransom some if they can. He wouldn't be purposely reducing the numbers of military people and reducing military budgets to the bone. He goes about the world APOLOGIZING for the deeds that WON the wars we were forced to fight. He BOWS to kings and dictators all over the world. People we should be killing. He sends a message that, as long as he is in office, or has any effect on policy, we will NOT fight terrorism and despotism. He hates everything we stand for, and is working HARD to destroy everything those vets fought and died to accomplish. The sooner we rid ourselves of this menace, the better. It is good that the election is near, IF that does it. (Just common sense)

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