Sunday, May 15, 2016

They Didn't Know

This article says, “If Hillary becomes commander-in-chief, half the military will get out.” then they ask the cryptic question, “Why didn't they get out when Obama got elected?” The answer is simple: they didn't know he was the disaster he is. Now it wouldn't do any good to leave HIS military. But it's not too late to get out of HILLARY'S military. She has a record already, of leaving them to DIE when they get attacked. They thought they were safe when she got fired as Secretary of State. But Obama has done equally stupid things. It figures that, now they know what they will be up against, they don't want to die of her ignorance and stupidity. Of course, they won't have to just quit. Obama will fire them in his quest to CRIPPLE our military, and thus our country. He doesn't think this country was EVER great. But it has only NOT been great since he took office, because of his rhetoric. (Breitbart)

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