Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Wrong Target

The anti-gun crowd consistently go after the wrong target in their imaginary efforts to stop violent crime. Every time they hear about a murder they want to make more and more laws to DISARM honest Americans while DOING NOTHING to disarm criminals, who obey no laws. Now we find out that there are more murders committed by UNARMED people than by those using guns, by a big margin. So what should we do? Ban hands and feet? Make a FIST illegal? The Criminal Justice Information Center has found that 11,641 murders were committed in the United states in 2014, and 31 in the U. S. Territories, and only 8,124 were committed by use of a gun. Less than HALF! So their contention that “if guns were eliminated, the murder rate would go down” is patently false. Even if it were POSSIBLE to eliminate guns completely, that would not happen. As I've said many times, people who want to do murder WILL find a way. (The Right to Bear)

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