Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teaching Kids About Guns

In many places, they are teaching kids as young as NINE about guns, and actually letting them SHOOT them. HORRORS! Some newspapers are “:having a cow “ over this. Everybody knows youngsters often find guns at home, and in their ignorance shoot each other or themselves. So we should keep gun knowledge from them as long as possible. That's what anti-gun fools think and say. But why DO kids shoot each other and themselves so often? Because they know nothing ABOUT guns, by design! And, to them, they're often considered playthings, like cap guns, which have now almost disappeared from toy store shelves. But if they were TAUGHT about guns, and taught gun safety, that might not happen. They might then respect a gun as the dangerous instrument it can be, and not “play with it.” Hiding gun information from kids promotes killings, through ignorance. One of the things the NRA is big on is teaching gun safety, as well as safe gun handling. But anti-gun fools want to pretend guns don't exist for kids. And that gets many of them killed. (The Guardian)

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