Monday, May 9, 2016

Restraining Orders Suck

They're “just a piece of paper” and mean NOTHING to a person bent on committing an outrageous crime. If you want to commit murder, what hindrance is a restraining order? The “penalty” for violating a restraining order means NOTHING to somebody who wants to beat up his wife—or KILL her. It's just a minor obstacle, easily overcome. When he is charged with murder, violating a restraining order is just a piffle. A good example right now is that FEDERAL cop who murdered his wife and a bunch of other people in a shooting spree that went all over town in a DC suburb. She had a restraining order against him. Did it do her any good? Not a chance. She's dead. And so are five other people. He violated that restraining order and he'll be punished for it, and he will hardly notice. But who cares? He'll be punished for mass murder, too, which is a little more important. (Orlando Sentinel)

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