Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Typical Racist Horse Manure

Since Obama started calling EVERYTHING that was against what he wanted “racist,” his acolytes are taking a tip from him and calling THEIR opposition racist. Virginia Senator Tim Kayne (Democrat, of course) is saying that the only reason Obama's Supreme court appointment is not being taken up by the Senate is because Obama is black. What STUPIDITY that displays! This appointment isn't being voted on because if it goes through, there will be a liberal MAJORITY on the Court, which will screw things up for GENERATIONS. This senator's statement is a “cheap shot” and goes right along with OBAMA'S “cheap shots” of a similar nature. Obama said that if we elected him, it would forever END racism in this country. On the contrary, it has made it WORSE, mostly because Obama has used racism to ostracize people who oppose, or disagree with his STUPID policies. I don't give a damn if he is white, black, or PURPLE with pink polka-dots! His policies are dangerously stupid, and they can call me racist all they want, and that doesn't change it. Nor does it matter to me. (Daily Caller)

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