Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"The New Jim Crow"

That's horse manure, but that's how the liberals describe our objections to Obama's STUPID letter to local school districts, ORDERING them to allow boys and men into women's restrooms, so they can ogle the naked bodies of teenagers, and even sexually abuse them in their own restrooms and changing rooms. That he has NO AUTHORITY to do such a thing is obfuscated in the liberal media. Since he has no right to send such an order, he is ILLEGALLY using the withholding of millions of dollars in funds WE sent to Washington so he could “get his cut” and send the rest back. It's OUR money, not his, but he is using it to BULLY the local school districts to do something that is patently a perversion. Of course, this whole thing is an effort to divert our attention from the two socialists running in the presidential election campaign, as well as the other OUTRAGES he is promoting. (Christine Marsh)

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