Friday, May 6, 2016

Rabble-Rousing Muslims

They went into this cafe and purposely violated their 45 minute per coffee order policy, and got thrown out. Now they're asserting that the only real reason they were thrown out is that they were Muslim, which is a fantasy on their part. They're pursuing the Muslim policy of causing as much trouble as they can by suing for the smallest imagined slight, while counting on liberal judges to order their victims to pay huge judgments—large enough to put them out of business if paid. This is a pattern being repeated over and over all over the country. It's a scam also being used by gay activists to put bakeries that won't bake cakes for their “weddings” out of business for DARING to disagree with their “orders.” The scam only works if the judge is a liberal and rules according to his/her prejudices, rather than the law. And there are a lot of those out there now. All appointed by liberal presidents. (The Blaze)

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