Thursday, May 5, 2016

Losing, But Winning

Hillary has LOST 18 primary elections, but has walked away with more delegates than the guy who WON those elections. Which makes it obvious that the game is FIXED to let her win, in spite of being outclassed and beaten on a majority of cases when the people get to vote. It could not be more clear that the game is fixed for her to win the nomination, no matter how many primaries her opponent wins. The game has been fixed so that the Democrat “establishment” gets to DICTATE the candidate we get to vote for, from the beginning. They use the excuse that this has been going on for years, but that's no excuse. Long use of the “con” is not a reason to say it is right and proper to disenfranchise all Americans. The “fix is different on the Republican side, but it is a fix, anyway. They don't like Trump, so they change the rules before each convention to make it harder for him to gain ground on his opponents. But his popularity is so immense, it did them no good. He IS the “presumptive candidate,” unless they pull some REALLY scummy tricks, which I wouldn't put past them. (News Busters)

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