Saturday, May 21, 2016

Now That's REAL Racism!

The Seattle Times had a piece by a black man, if you can believe that, which was billed as saying “black men should not get guns.” Now, that's REAL racism. Not the phony kind put out by Obama, his thugs, and his followers. Not the kind represented by the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which gets very angry when someone corrects that to read “ALL Lives Matter.” This article bemoans the “fact” that so many guns used in gun crimes are stolen, as if it's OUR fault thugs steal our guns. They cite a figure that a large percentage of people are shot by kids FIVE and under, as if what they call “easy access to guns” was at fault, instead of the action of anti-gun fools to make guns a word “that shall not be spoken” to kids, so they'll always be enthralled if they find a gun at home and play with it as if it were a toy. If the people whose guns were stolen had attended a NRA “gun safety” class, they'd KNOW that keeping information about guns from their children PROMOTES their use by young children to ACCIDENTALLY kill each other. That if they learned proper gun handling and storage, their guns would not be so easily stolen. You can't “reduce gun violence” by hiding their very existence and being sloppy in their storage at home. But these fools will never know that. Their minds are solidly CLOSED to common sense, although they label their USELESS laws as “common sense gun laws.” (Seattle Times)

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