Saturday, May 14, 2016

"Shot Across Our Bow"

The ongoing controversy over letting MEN use women's bathrooms and changing rooms is being done for a reason. It's a “shot across the bow” of America to see how much crap we'll take. If we “suck it up: and let him get away with this most recent outrage, he'll know he (or his successor if liberal) can really “put the screws to us” and we'll just TAKE IT. What we need to do is send a “shot across HIS bow” and shut him down, as FORMER customers of Target Stores have done by the millions. He thinks he has the right, as president, to ORDER us to capitulate to his pipe dreams and perversions, but he DOESN'T. And he's too stupid to know it. Trying to get us to accept allowing men to gawk at women going to the bathroom in their own rooms is the heights of stupidity. I know it, and you know it, but, in his ignorance, he is sublimely unaware. (Before It's News)

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