Saturday, May 14, 2016

She Coulda Saved 'Em!

Hillary could have saved the lives of those brave men at Benghazi, but she couldn't be bothered. Then she LIED to the nation about having “done all we could to save their lives,” according to an air force person stationed in Italy during the Benghazi attack, which was about 3 hours away—close enough to have been instrumental in stopping the latter half of the attack, when they were killed. But this person refused to testify to the committee investigating the killings, because he or she was afraid of retribution from superiors. Of course, this angered Trey Gowdy, but not at the whistleblower. He was angry at his superiors. “There are many ways they can get screwed over for cooperating with lawmakers. Particularly while Obama remains in power.” (paraphrased) Hillary should NEVER be allowed to “hold the reins of power” because she has no idea how to use them, and will get a lot more people killed. (Conservative Tribune)

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