Sunday, May 8, 2016

Don't Mess With This Gal!

She'll HURT ya! And that's no exaggeration. This guy tried to rob a convenience store and she “took him out” with a fire extinguisher. Which proves again that you can make a weapon out of just about anything. The only thing that kept him alive is that she missed his head when she cold-cocked him with it. Trying to grab money out of her clerk's hand apparently infuriated her, and she reacted accordingly. Just a lesson for thugs. Never underestimate your intended victim. That might be a big mistake, as it was in this instance. Unfortunately, he still got away with $500.00, and the Toledo cops are looking for him. They might even find him too, because his face is fully visible on the video taken by the store's security camera. And he might have to seek medical attention for his fire extinguisher bruises and maybe even broken bones. (The Blaze)

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