Monday, May 9, 2016

Falsely Using the "Race Card"

These three women got into it with several people aboard a city bus in Albany, NY, and it created a massive outcry about racism. Unfortunately, it wasn't the sort of racism they tried to say it was. It was THEIR racism against white people that led to their false reporting of the incident as the white girl causing a racial incident against THEM. These things are becoming more prevalent these days, as black racists who are against white people “phony-up” racial incidents to support their CLAIMS of racial enmity against THEM. There aren't any REAL such incidents (or very few) so in order to promote their story, they CREATE them. These girls got caught, and were indicted for three misdemeanors for false reporting of a crime. We need to be a lot more suspicious of such reports, and not take them as “Gospel” before they're proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's this sort of thing that caused six cops in Baltimore to face felony charges for something that was CAUSED by a crook trying to incriminate them and making a mistake that cost him his life, that was no fault of theirs. (The Blaze)

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