Sunday, May 8, 2016

Patterns In Gun Laws

There are several basic patterns in the gun laws they keep making, if you look closely. One: they just about all don't do anything to stem “gun violence.” Two: they only affect honest, law-abiding people who OBEY laws, and those people aren't the problem. They do NOTHING to stop criminals from getting their guns illegally, and they ARE the problem. Three: they work to make the guns you have USELESS in opposing criminals and their illegal guns. Examples: gun registries. These give the “authorities” a list of LEGAL gun owners, most of whom do not use them to commit crimes, while ignoring ILLEGAL gun owners, who DO. Gun buybacks: They give criminals the opportunity to get rid of guns they have used in crimes and make money doing it. These “buybacks” are usually “no questions asked,” so the cops can't even prosecute people for the crimes that are on those guns. Other guns turned in are old and useless guns which the money they get allows them to buy newer, usable guns.

Then the criminals use that money to buy new guns, usually without crimes on them. Gun safes and gun locks. This is designed to make it impossible for an honest person to get his gun into operation quickly if he is attacked by an illegal gun owner. It takes seconds, or even MINUTES to get them in operation while the criminal is shooting his ILLEGAL gun at you. In at least one state I know of, concealed carry is allowed—IF the gun is unloaded. Tell me: what earthly good is a concealed weapon that is UNLOADED in an emergency? Could you ask the criminal to “Wait while I load my gun?” Will he cooperate? Doubtful. This is typical of the ILLOGICAL thinking that goes into ALL “anti-gun laws.” they can't just BAN GUNS, so they pass laws that make them USELESS to honest people. Notice that NONE of these laws affects the criminal, who doesn't register his illegal gun, nor does he obey their silly rules. Only law-abiding people do. So of what use ARE they? (Just common sense)

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