Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"It Shall Not Be Named"

The anti-gun fools don't want children to even know guns exist. And they think that will stop kids from killing themselves through curiosity when they find a gun in their homes. And if you leave them where they can be found, you're contributing to that problem. They hate the NRA, but the NRA teaches people about properly securing guns to keep that from happening. And they train children (and parents) in the proper handling of guns, so the kids won't feel the curiosity that comes from knowing absolutely NOTHING about guns and what they are. Principally that they can be deadly, and are NOT “playthings.” The anti-gun fools continue to think that children should not even know guns exist, let alone understand the danger they can present. Which leads to the death of many. In Detroit, they have a real epidemic of children accidentally shooting themselves and others, because of that ignorance about guns. Now they're swearing to do something about it. What are they contemplating? They think it is a “public health issue.” The usual silly thinking. They think “child access prevention laws” will solve the problem. They don't even THINK about proper training for children (and parents). They maintain their “guns shall not even be named” policy, to the detriment of many children. (The Independent)

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