Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bernie's Futile Campaign

He thinks he's winning. But in reality, he doesn't have a chance. Never did, from the very beginning. The “fix is truly in” and, no matter how many primary elections he wins, he will get fewer delegates every time. He's only there to provide the FICTION that Hillary actually has some competition. Nobody else saw fit to run against her because they “saw the handwriting on the wall” that she was “the chosen one.” The Republicans thought they had the same fiction set up when 17 people filed to run against Trump and the others. But it got out of hand, and now Trump is their presumptive nominee, and may wind up in the White House, in spite of them. There's a reason the Democrats chose to run an ADMITTED socialist against her. First, that would remove inspection of her own socialist record and give us somebody else to look at, while she continued to maintain she WASN'T a socialist while spouting socialist “giveaways” all over the map. She and Bernie are trying to outshout each other with their giveaway plans. (Salon)

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