Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moore Plays "Race Card"

It's almost REQUIRED today for liberals (which Michael Moore definitely is) to attribute everything under the sun to racism, whether or not there is any EVIDENCE to support it. Lack of evidence has never been an impediment to liberals. When they want to make you think something, they just SAY IT, and see to it that as many of their liberal friends repeat it, as possible. Then they call attention to the many people saying the same thing as proof of authenticity (circular reasoning). Moore is now saying that the flint pollution problem is because of racism, not the fault of incompetent people (liberals) in charge. It's a good way these days, to obfuscate the issue. They blame racism for many things that are NOT because of racism, but ARE because of incompetent liberals in charge. Such as all the cities that are in “money trouble.” every one of them are RUN by liberals. Don't take my word for ir, check it for yourself. That's what the Internet is for. Just be sure of your source. (Brad Wilmouth)

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