Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Government Bullying Squelched

Andy Johnson just wanted a stock pond, to make watering his small herd easier. Which he should have the right to build without having to go, “hat in hand,” to some faceless, nameless bureaucrat to beg for a “permit” to build. But he did, and got his permit from the STATE to build it. The feds didn't like that. They wanted their “pound of flesh,” and sent him a “compliance order” threatening $37,500.00 fine PER DAY which, at the time of the letter, already amounted to $16 MILLION dollars which, if paid, would have put him out of business and allowed the government to “confiscate” (steal) all his property. So he filed suit with the help of the Pacific Legal Foundation, to assert his property rights. He won, when the feds capitulated and withdrew the fine threats and allowed the pond to stay (as if they had a right to deny it). Sometimes, when you stand up to bureaucrats, you can “slap them around.” (World Net Daily)

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