Thursday, May 12, 2016

The "Dog & Pony Show"

We've been subjected to a “dog & pony show” for as long as I can remember. It's called, “elections.” The current presidential primaries, for instance, have been going on for the last couple of years. Every day, on every news channel, they're talking about the primaries, and discussing the chances of each candidate, over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Now that the primaries are essentially over and the nominees are chosen (in essence), we start on the “general election.” The candidates have spread BILLIONS of dollars (conned out of us “peons”) around to people who LIVE on election money. Staffers, advisers, etc. Then there are the printers. The ones who print all the election signs and brochures that are EVERYWHERE. I used to work for such a printer, and he spent most of the year printing election signs and other printed items for politicians.

Without it, he would have gone out of business. Instead, he made a LOT of money. I've become convinced that the primary purpose of this is to “bore us to tears” so we'll stop paying attention and let them do what they will without our notice. And if we DO pay attention, it keeps our minds off what the current politicians are doing to us, every day. After the general election is over and a president chosen, they immediately start on the congressional elections, where they elect and re-elect senators and representatives. More billions spent, and “spread around” to the “printers” and others, all conned out of us “peons.” And there's no telling how much of that money finds it's way into the pockets of the candidates and their “close allies.” As much money as there is, it would be easy to “siphon” some off.

A “small amount” to the election campaign, but a considerable amount to a candidate. In other words, there is a PERMANENT ELECTION going on, and $BILLIONS spread around to finance it. And there's no way to escape it, except to ignore it, which is the plan the politicians use to “shut our eyes” to what they're doing to us, and make us THINK we have a “say” in who gets elected. (Just common sense)

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