Saturday, May 28, 2016

Medicare Cuts Killing Seniors

Obama has just made an unconscionable change in Medicare. He is offering bonuses to hospitals that spend the LEAST on sick patients. So guess what? Hospitals are responding, and patients are dying for lack of good care. It's the VA all over again. Only in this case, they don't have trouble getting to SEE a doctor, they're having trouble getting the proper treatment, if it “costs too much.” It's Obama's “death panels” in operation. Only instead of having a bunch of bureaucrats denying seniors treatment, he's encouraging hospitals to do it for him. So he can still CLAIM not to HAVE “death panels.” If this edict had been in effect back in 2005, when I needed a quadruple bypass that cost $25,000.00, I wouldn't be here today, because some hospital administrator might have denied me that treatment, which no doubt kept me alive. (AMAC)

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