Monday, May 2, 2016

They Call It "Gun Violence"

But it isn't. It's CONTROL. They also call it “common sense,” but it isn't that, either. There's no common sense in disarming honest, law-abiding people while criminals. Crazies, and Islamic terrorists have no trouble getting their guns, ILLEGALLY. Obama and his accomplices continue to make USELESS anti-gun laws and regulations, KNOWING they're useless to “curb gun violence,” but ARE useful in helping him control the population. If they don't have guns, they can't oppose his efforts to “redistribute THEIR wealth.” His “big thing” is “Smart Guns” that will only fire in the hands of their owner. It uses a computer chip to do so. He's REQUIRING everybody to have a “Smart Gun” in the future, including cops.

It uses computer technology. Have you ever seen a computer that didn't occasionally “crash?” If this computer crashes, you could be dead. Because the criminals won't be using “Smart Guns,” and they'll just shoot you. He's extending the federal background checks, which he ALSO knows doesn't save a single life. While we're importing Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands at Obama's behest, and AGAINST the wishes of the American people, even paying their way with our tax money, Obama is conspiring to reduce the number of LEGAL guns we have to use in opposing them. It's as if he WANTS the Islamic terrorists to win. And I believe he does. I believe he is a “closet Muslim” who CAME HERE to help them win. (Just common sense)

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