Thursday, July 26, 2018

They Found No Bias

That's what the recent IG Report said. What does it take to dent the thick skulls of the "swamp's" bureaucrats? When an FBI agent sends an e-mail to another FBI agent saying, "Trump should never be president," while "investigating" him, and later another saying, "We will stop him," how is that NOT bias? Frankly, I think the bias is in the IG office. The IG appears to be PART of the swamp. Apparently, he believes that if he tells a lie, we will believe it, and he can "do his job" for the rest of the swamp, "clearing" other "swamp members." The Inspector General is supposed to be unassailably honest. But apparently, this one isn't, and his action casts a shadow on all other inspectors general, in other bureaucracies. Just as James Comey "cleared" Hillary of any wrongdoing before the "investigation" ended, so she could become president (didn't work), the IG "cleared" Comey and others of bias charges they so clearly earned. The problem is, other swamp members accept the IG Report, so they can "put this behind them," hopefully. But it ain't agonna work this time, fellas. We're onto you, and now the IG is "thrown in" with the rest of the swamp, that nobody believes. (Just common sense)

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