Friday, July 20, 2018

Is It Trump's Fault?

One Annapolis, MD victim (one left alive) is now blaming Trump for his injuries because of Trump's exhortation that the media is "the enemy." Really? Is it Trump's fault that a misguided individual with a grudge against a local newspaper came in and killed a bunch of people? That's a fool claim, born of frustration and previous bias. That fool didn't shoot up that newspaper office because of anything Trump might have said, true or false. He did it because of a PERSONAL GRUDGE against THAT newspaper, and nothing Trump said had anything to do with it. to think so is the thinking of a fool. It's a cheap shot from someone we will later find out is a "dedicated Trump hater" from the beginning. If he's a writer, look back at his writings, for proof of that. Trump haters will jump on ANYTHING they can find that they think they can use to make Trump look bad. But I've got a clue for ya, folks--gratuitous blame and insults don't work on Trump. The intelligent people who support him aren't swayed by such ignorance. People who do such things don't care what anybody says, about anything. (Liberty Headlines)

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