Friday, July 6, 2018

I'm Not "Getting Nervous"

I wasn’t always a Trump supporter. Not to the extent that I am, now. I looked at him the same way I looked at Bill Clinton when he was running, and thought, “He talks a good game, but will he produce?” Clinton not only did NOT produce, he actually made things worse—as did Obama. But Trump IS delivering on his promises. And for that reason, I am now a strong Trump supporter. The liberal media is lying when they say Trump supporters are now “very nervous,” about continuing in support of him, and would not vote for him in the future. That’s their way of trying to change the opinions of a multitude of Americans. Making them think they were wrong in voting for Trump. But it is NOT going to work. Trump supporters, unlike Dumocrat supporters, are INTELLIGENT. They know that the economy is booming, unemployment numbers are at an all-time LOW in all categories, manufacturers (with one exception) are bringing their operations back, and their jobs with them. People are seeing more money in their paychecks, and those “awful, greedy corporations” are actually SHARING their higher profits, gained by lower taxes, with their employees, in the form of bonuses. Our “best days” are NOT “behind us,” as Obama wanted us to think, to excuse his failings. We’re intelligent enough to REALIZE this, and will continue to support him. Even if we have to “punch out” a few Dumocrats who try to attack us because of our support. (Just common sense)

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