Friday, July 6, 2018

End Run Around Congress

The anti-gun fools are at least intelligent enough to know they can't just BAN guns, as they have done elsewhere (as in Australia and Britain, which have no Second Amendment, and have "gun crime problems" anyway), so they're doing everything they can to inhibit gun ownership WITHOUT banning them. They're trying to make people pass background checks to buy BULLETS. They're buying so much gun oil that the makers have stopped selling to the public, so they can fill government orders. Background checks take so long that people get killed while waiting to be "allowed" to buy a gun when somebody threatens them. They have raised the "fees" to just APPLY for permits and background checks to the point where most people can't pay them. And now credit providers are refusing to do business with people for anything having to do with a gun. Never mind that liberals SUE when a baker refuses to do business with somebody on religious grounds--in a country where people supposedly cannot be required to violate their religious principles. The double standard is obvious, but they don't care. They do it, anyway. (New York Post)

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