Friday, July 27, 2018

That's What They Hate

Judge Cavanaugh, Trump’s appointee to the Supreme court, PLEDGES to go by the Constitution, as they are SUPPOSED to do, rather than let his own opinions and prejudices, or anything else, such as FOREIGN law, guide his decisions. And liberals HATE that. They want to put one of their own in the Court, so they can depend on the Court to make decisions in their favor, no matter WHAT the Constitution says. So the liberal (Dumocrat) rejection of this good judge begins, futile as it mat be—unless sufficient REPUBLICANS show their hidden liberal leanings, by not voting for him. The Supreme Court was CREATED for one purpose. To make sure that the lawmakers in this country FOLLOW the Constitution in the laws they make. Liberal Justices have PROVEN themselves NOT to be true to this job. Conservative Justices have. So liberals rant and rave, lay down and stomp their feet on the ground in their tantrums, and talk about all the decisions he has made that they don’t like, but we do. And that is the best reason why he SHOULD be confirmed, to make the supreme Court what it was MEANT to be, the GUARDIAN of the Constitution. (Bloomberg)

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