Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Suspicions Confirmed

Liberals INSTANTLY held gatherings the SAME NIGHT after Trump revealed his pick for the Supreme Court, and they had many professionally printed signs, already ready. Which tells me they were READY to oppose ANY pick he made. They probably had four different posters, each with one of the names on them, just in case. They’re so transparent in their underhanded politics! And they don’t care if we know it. They know they have a certain number of fools who will vote for them in spite of that, and what we know just doesn’t count, to them. This is a product of the “Hate Bush” hysteria they’ve promoted, ever since they found out, to their terror, on election night, that their hand-picked candidate, for whom they violated many laws, got her butt beat. Ever since, they have tried their best to reverse the results of that election, even to the extent of appointing Robert Mueller, with one goal: get Trump, any way you can. And he’s working feverishly to do just that, using every underhanded method he can think of, including appointing people KNOWN to be Trump-haters—even people who had WORKED for Hillary, as his staff, with one job: find something to use against Trump, by whatever means, legal or illegal. If you get caught, the Dumocrats will protect you. (Just common sense)

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