Monday, July 9, 2018

"Time": Face of Fake News

That recent cover of Time Magazine purportedly showing a picture of a small child crying at being "separated" from her mother while Trump looks dispassionately down at her is the epitome of fake news. Coming from one of the "premier news sources" as it did, it makes me sick to realize they will go this far to misrepresent the news. First, that is a "photoshopped" photo made to LOOK like Trump is uncaring about a crying child being separated from her mother. It was NOT. The child was merely asked to stand aside while her mother, a two-time illegal alien who had committed a felony when she came into this country a second time, was being "patted down." As soon as that was finished, she went right back into her mother's arms. Yes, she WILL be separated from her mom when she goes to prison for committing that felony, as are ALL children separated from their parents when they commit crimes and go to prison. It is not a thing that is reserved for illegal aliens, as liberals wish us to believe. the mother did not come here to escape violence as she claims, but came looking for a better job. Her claim was her "gaming the system," as she was taught to do by the scam artists in her country who support illegal border crossings. But that single photoshopped picture is the best example of why today, you can't TRUST the liberal media to tell you the truth. (Daily Caller)

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