Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Way to Go, Grandma!

A 46 year-old grandma went out to take a picture of her new bumper sticker that said, "Women Who Behave Seldom Make History." Which is one way to say, "Don't Mess With Grandma!" A rabid bobcat that attacked her found out the hard way it should have learned to read. The bobcat jumped her and went for her throat. So she strangled him to death. It's too bad that cat couldn't read. Maybe he would have passed her by and found someone easier. Which just goes to show the best defense is NOT to fight with the same tools as your attacker--human or animal. She was not equipped to fight that bobcat with fangs and claws, so she used what she had. Human intelligence and her knowledge that the bobcat was just as susceptible to being choked to death as any human being. She didn't call for help until after she had killed it because she was afraid her grandchild would come out, and become another victim of the bobcat. She was hospitalized, because the bobcat was rabid, and she had some minor wounds, but she's going to be okay. She saved her own life and possibly that of others in the area. (Clash Daily)

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