Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Listening to the Kids

That crappy little kid who thinks he knows it all (like most kids) made his speech to the "Conference of Mayors" in Philadelphia and they voted to enact more and more of the useless, ineffective anti-gun laws that, so far, have done NOTHING to alleviate the "gun crime" problem. They called for steps to PREVENT teachers and other staff from being armed--something that WOULD cause would-be mass shooters to pause in their thinking, among other silly, STUPID measures that will get even more students and staff killed. David Hogg is reveling in the attention he is getting, while being treated like a "rock star" by the anti-gun fools that are sponsoring, and paying for, his incessant campaign to do stupid things that will not work--as usual. The basic problem is that the people who pretend to be "concerned" with our safety are NOT. They are more concerned with being able to tell us what to do. With getting, and keeping, the POWER to do so. And punish us if we disagree. the NRA is doing nothing but defending our Second Amendment rights, and they vilify them, calling them "terrorists" and other vile names, for being "on the other side" of the question. (Politico)

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