Thursday, July 19, 2018

Another Stupid Idea

The Dumocrats are KNOWN for the stupid ideas they promote. Such as allowing MEN to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms if they feel like they are a woman that day. Never mind the unalterable FACT that if he has a penis, he is a MAN. That's NOT the "sex assigned to him at birth," it is an unalterable fact of nature. But not to Dumocrats and other liberals. To them there is "more than one sex." Made so by what people FEEL. Now they want to eliminate ICE, that agency that works HARD to stem the flow of illegal aliens and bloody murderous gang members who murder our citizens. This is yet another STUPID idea liberals (Dumocrats) try to force upon us by conning other liberals into "demonstrating" to get it done, through PRESSURE. The liberals want us to believe that the sky is not blue, and that the water is not wet. They can come up with what they think is a plausible way of "proving" it. To a liberal it is "freedom" to FORCE somebody to pay money to a third party (a union) to keep a job, and that a baker MUST bake cakes for people whose very lifestyle is against their religious beliefs. They want to make disagreeing with them a CRIME that is punishable. They can't plausibly argue against our points, so they call us names and want to make disagreeing with them a crime. Getting rid of ICE would be a disaster of unknown proportions. But they're too STUPID to know that. (The Hill)

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