Monday, July 9, 2018

Not Just "This Time"

This story says, "this time" the tragedy is because of the failure of gun control" because a convicted felon killed four children, shot a cop, and then killed himself. With a gun. How did he get that gun? He got it ILLEGALLY, that's how. because, as a felon, there's NO WAY he could have obtained one legally. And, of course, a judge treated him with "kid gloves" when he violated his parole previously and he was given "supervised parole" instead of being sent back to jail for six months. The anti-gun crowd will either ignore the reality that the rules failed yet again or will simply think more rules will somehow make it all better. It will NOT. You won't read much about this in the liberal media because it does not fit their narrative toward gun control. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't an "old story." The anti-gun fools always jump on stories like this as an excuse to make even more of their USELESS, ineffective laws that do nothing to stop such things. Then they insult those who are trying to introduce REASON into the discussion, calling such outfits as the NRA "terrorists" because they don't agree with their stupid "laws" that get law-abiding people killed by disarming them in the face of a threat from ILLEGALLY armed people. (Bearing Arms)

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