Monday, July 23, 2018

Kids Gang Up on Dad

This mother had a restraining order out against her estranged husband, because he had been violent toward her. Which, of course, did NOTHING to stop him from attacking her again. Much like gun laws do nothing to stop bad guys from getting guns. But in this case, he didn't count on their kids. When he began beating their mom again, they stood up for her. The 8-year-old daughter actually jumped up and hit him in the face, which would have earned her her own beating, if not for the boy, 5, who brought his mother a gun, which she used to strop his attack. Now some liberals would lose it over this child knowing where the gun was. They would like kids to be unaware guns even exist. But if you show them where, and teach them about guns, while telling them to not touch them to play with them, they'd be less likely to do so. In this case, the boy not only knew where it was, he actually brought it to her when she most needed it. she used it on her husband (not fatally), and stopped his attack, most likely saving her own life in the process. All because her kids know about the gun, and how and when to use it. (Bearing Arms)

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