Friday, July 6, 2018

They're Too Damned Dumb

If you're going to "troll" the liberals, you've got to make it crystal clear what you mean, and still they'll misunderstand you--or pretend they do so they can criticize you for it. A good example is Melania's jacket, saying," I don't care. Do U?" Which, of course, the liberal media took to mean she didn't care about the kids being separated from their parents (which, of course, began during liberal administrations, without a word from them) when what she meant was she didn't care about the LIBERAL MEDIA. they illustrate their stupidity every day, for all to see. And the ones who believe them are as ignorant as they are, from listening to their propaganda. They really think those of us with INTELLIGENCE believe their crap. That's part of their stupidity. It is this kind of thing that makes me glad I'm 80. That means statistically, I won't have to live much longer while watching this country going to the dogs, especially of they succeed in their quest to get rid of Trump. (Just common sense)

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