Tuesday, July 10, 2018

What's the Big Deal?

Liberal loons are making a big thing over the government "separating people from their children" when they incarcerate their parents for their crime of entering this country illegally. We separate parents from their children every day when they commit crimes and go to jail or prison. And Child Protection Services separate parents from their children on the slightest excuse, often without proof of ANY wrongdoing--on only a SUSPICION of wrongdoing. So what's the big deal when they separate illegal aliens from their children for a SHORT TIME when they get incarcerated? I think this whole thing is a MANUFACTURED issue, created by the Dumocrats, so they have what think is a "winning strategy" in their quest to unseat President Trump, by any means possible, legal or illegal. They've tried many things, from the "Russian collusion" scheme to Stormy Daniels, and others, all with no proof of anything. And now it is this. And when this one fizzles, as it will, they'll come up with yet another manufactured issue--and that will not work, either. The people who count--the INTELLIGENT American citizens who ELECTED President Trump, will re-elect him, and we will live a few years longer as free men--until the Dumocrats scam their way into the presidency again after Trump can no longer run. Then, it's "Katie bar the door!" I hope I never get to see that happen. (Just common sense)

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