Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nobody "Needs" An Abortion

All people need to do to avoid “the need” for an abortion is to use a rubber when screwing. I hate to be so crass, but that’s what it is. They THINK they have the right to MURDER the result when they have sex without protection, rather than RAISE the result or even put it up for adoption. There are plenty of people ready and willing to adopt, and abortion is just as hard on the woman’s body as actually giving birth, so that does away with that excuse. All of which makes the crack uttered by “The View” co-host Joy Behar that “many people will ‘need’ abortions,” that much more STUPID. Nobody “needs” an abortion. They, themselves CREATE the “need” for an abortion if they think they Have the right to MURDER the result of their unprotected sex. It is this kind of perverted thinking that MARKS a liberal, or a liberal DUPE. Abortion is MURDER because it stops the beating heart of an individual, never mind he/she has yet to be born. Not yet being born does NOT mean that individual does not have the constitutional rights afforded an individual already born. Joy thinks President Trump has no right to name a Supreme Court Justice since he is “under investigation.” Being “under investigation” does NOT mean he is guilty. It only means somebody is TRYING to convict him of something that has not been proven. (Liberty Bugle)

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