Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ignorant Damned Protesters

I had to laugh when I saw the ignorant fool who actually tried to stop a bus carrying illegal aliens with his body. The bus driver should have driven slowly away, and he would have given way because he doesn't want to be killed for his stupidity. They have no idea they're protesting Trump doing the EXACT same thing about illegal aliens that their "idol" Obama did, with not a peep out of them. If they had said a word then, I might have a little sympathy for their position, now. All this is because Trump wants simply to control our borders and enforce the LAW. They're too ignorant to know better, and they show it by their actions. They buy the liberal BS, swallowing it whole cloth, and make fools of themselves, going places in buses paid for by liberal elites to make trouble for people who are only trying to make things better for everybody. And they don't even know they are DUPES supporting something that opposes something that doesn't exist. You can always depend on a crowd forming to support liberal stupidity because the liberals "whip them up" and pay for the transportation to get them there--like they're doing with that teenage bigmouth, David Hogg (a very descriptive name). (Daily Caller)

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