Monday, June 1, 2015

Cops Are Afraid

Not of getting killed. They face that danger every day they work. They're used to it. They're now afraid of going to jail for doing their jobs after that rookie prosecutor in Baltimore“ (who is rarely seen outside a sea of microphones that threaten to swallow her up) “rushed to judgement” and indicted six cops for killing a prisoner who, to all intents and purposes,killed himself by fighting them so soon after undergoing spinal surgery, then banged his head against the wagon wall in an attempt to incriminate them Everybody knows a prosecutor can get a ham sandwich indicted if he/she really wants to). Trying to “jam up” cops with phony “police brutality” charges are so common, most people don't take them seriously any more unless there is some REAL proof. If I were a cop in Baltimore, there'd be more than 'blue flu” to contend with. I would resign, and take as many fellow cops as possible with me, letting the citizens have what they seem to want: a city with NO COPS. Then see if that's what they REALLY want. (The Blaze)

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