Saturday, June 13, 2015

She Doesn't Blame Guns

This grandmother has lost TWO of her children to gun violence. But, surprisingly (to the media and the anti-gun fools, anyway) she doesn't blame the guns. She blames society and the practice of “keeping their mouths shut” when they witness such violence, which handcuffs the cops. They can do NOTHING if nobody speaks up. I know, I know, the thugs go out of their way to intimidate these people, causing them to shut up. And bail laws don't help much, since it lets the “bad guy” out of jail to PERSONALLY intimidate the witnesses. But if more people spoke up, more thugs would be in jail, and maybe a message could be sent that would intimidate the THUGS. “Hurt us, and you're going away.” Meanwhile, you have to work harder to keep witnesses safe. That means first, you don't allow their names and addresses to be given to the thugs on a “silver platter” when their lawyers demand all the police paperwork BEFORE trial, then let the thugs see it. The best way to get guns off the streets is to keep the guys holding them in jail longer—or just kill them. The cops need to stop using the laws that provide for more jail time for the USE of a gun in a crime as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. Laws need to be made to PREVENT that. They need to stop DISARMING the potential VICTIMS. (The Right to Bear)

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