Monday, June 8, 2015

Control Global Warming

Obama, along with the other members of the “G-9” (or is it “G-7? I lost count. have PLEDGED to keep the world's temperature to within 2 degrees of what it is, today. I don't know about the other countries, but it seems to me that a country that can't keep illegal aliens from POURING into our country through our southern border hasn't a PRAYER of controlling the weather, in any way. What'll he do? Make a law and expect the weather to obey it, like he's doing with regard to guns, expecting CRIMINALS to obey his laws? Or maybe he'll write another regulation and enforce it with an executive order? If he is able to get the WEATHER to cooperate, I'd sure like to know how he does it. Sometimes I wonder about the SANITY of our “world leaders” when they actually BUY this ”global warming” crap. (Politico)

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