Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Growing Disrespect

There's a growing disrespect for cops, as demonstrated in Baltimore and elsewhere, where simple disturbances become major problems, and it's feeding on rhetoric from out own PRESIDENT. Such as a cop in a “loud party call,” trying to control a 15-year-old girl who was ignoring his orders (without hurting her, if possible) when a guy in the crowd advanced on him, while reaching into his backpack. The cop naturally drew his gun, causing the guy to run. Then he put it back in his holster and continued to deal with the obstreperous girl while his fellow officers pursued the guy. This whole thing shouldn't have been a “big thing,” but with the current atmosphere or disrespect for cops, fueled by outrageous rhetoric by none other than our PRESIDENT, only made things worse, causing that cop to resign.

Other rhetoric by paid activists, threatening to KILL cops “on sight,” have made cops “very nervous” and quicker to grab their guns—which will result in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Cops today aren't so much afraid of being shot, since they face that threat every day, but are more afraid of being penalized for doing their JOBS by overzealous politicians such as the prosecutor in that case in Baltimore where she “rushed in” and “indicted” six cops for killing a prisoner who MAY have inadvertently killed himself while trying to make the cops look bad, as prisoners often do. The proof of her perfidy came when she attempted to suppress a public document, the autopsy results, which probably destroyed her case. The more we “talk down” our cops, most of whom do an exemplary job, the more problems we're going to have. Yes, there are a few “bad apples,” which should NOT spoil the entire barrel. (The Blaze)

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