Thursday, June 11, 2015

"But Not In Ours!"

Muslims say having sex with children is “okay in our culture.” But it is NOT “okay in OUR culture,” so don't even try to practice it here. Especially, don't try and make us accept it as “practicing your religion.” It won't work. Screwing children will NEVER, in any way, be “okay” in our culture, and there's NO WAY you can make us accept it. Which is why Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) leader Ahmad Saleem was arrested in a major child sex ring bust, hoping to screw children as young as 10! I guess that “relations” part of the name means sexual relations with children. It's okay in his culture because their “prophet's” favorite wife was only 6! Maybe he only started his “religion” to make child sex “okay in his culture.” Muslims talk about OUR culture being “corrupt,” but at the same time they have CHILD SEX in their culture as “okay!” What a massive double standard THAT is! Christians talk about “false prophets” rising, and tell you not to listen to them. Islam fits that bill nicely. (Freedom Outpost)

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