Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Obama says, “Under my administration, America is the most respected nation in the world.” Whatever he's smoking, I want some. That is, I would if I smoked anything. Does he really believe that crap? Damn, how STUPID he is! Under his guidance, this country is the most DISRESPECTED nation in the world. He thinks he “ended two wars.” But what he really did was SURRENDER in two wars. You can end a lot of wars by surrendering. He says he has NO scandals, but he actually has about three dozen. This guy is an expert at fooling himself on all things. And the liberal media helps him do that by slavishly reporting every lie he tells. So a PART of the history writers in the future will believe him, too. Because it was reported that way in the news and their “investigations” of history don't go any deeper than that. (Daily Caller)

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