Saturday, June 13, 2015

And They Wonder...

The thugs wonder why cops are quick to pull their guns when threatened. Wonder no more, people, it's your self-fulfilling prophecy coming true. Did you really think targeting cops and shooting up police stations would result in the cops “going easy” on you? And you fool politicians like that Baltimore “states attorney, Marilyn Mosby “rushing in” to file charges against six cops who were only doing their duty while the black guy they arrested beat his head against the wall of the wagon, trying to incriminate the cops, too soon after back surgery, probably inadvertently killing himself. And she really thinks she can “muzzle” the medical examiner because his results don't support her lie. Then cops get executed while sitting in their cars, and a bunch of thugs shoot up a police station. They caught the cops completely by surprise, but, surprise, surprise, NOBODY was hit, and nobody was injured (in fact, they think a police sniper got the shooter). Not even among the thugs. (Oh. I was just reminded. I'm not supposed to use the word “thug” any more. But anybody who attempts to tell me what words I can, and cannot use can stick it up his flue.) (The Mail)

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