Friday, June 5, 2015

Unconstitutional Law

Freedom of the press is sacrosanct, right? WRONG! Not according to the Texas politicians who voted for a law to make it a crime to film anybody who doesn't know they're being filmed (except for the cops, of course). This pretty much makes it impossible to catch politicians in corrupt activities—which was the whole point. And it's not a “left or right thing,” 46 Republicans voted for it, along with a lot of Democrats. It's an OBVIOUS tactic to avoid prosecution for corruption, which tells me most of them are ENGAGED in corruption, and want to protect themselves by making it illegal to catch them at it. It really amazes me the things politicians do to keep from getting caught at their corruption. They're better at that than they are at governing. If they were half as good at governing, this country wouldn't be “going to hell in a handbasket.” Oh, right. Scratch that, as long as we elect con men and scam artists like Obama, Nancy Peelosi, and some others too numerous to mention.And if they get away with it here, guess where they'll try it next? (EagleRising)

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