Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hillary's Promise

Many people are talking about “Hillary's Promise.” But what IS it? It's more of the same corruption, chicanery, lies, and criminality we saw in eight years of Bill Clinton. We don't know much about her sex life, because she's better at keeping it hidden than Bill is. Other than RUMORS of her being a lesbian, noting. It's a third Clinton administration. The Democrats are good at engineering a full complement of successful elections for their presidents, in SPITE of their crimes. Bill and Barack proved that. Neither of them should have been re-elected, but they were, almost by “rote.” Every politician I've seen (with the possible exception of Reagan) recently has been incompetent. That includes some Republicans. But none so totally incompetent as the Democrats. Their incompetence BEGINS with their insistence on pushing socialist tenets like “sharing,” “income redistribution” (theft), “raising minimum wage” for people who have no talents or abilities and don't deserve it, and many other things that simply mean TAKING from people capable and willing to EARN, and GIVING to those who do not, either willingly, or because they're just ignorant or stupid.

Hillary has ALREADY collected more unresolved scandals than most presidents, and she's only held ONE elected office—and that one was GIVEN to her as a “consolation prize” when Obama crawled out from under his rock and elbowed her aside. Now they're offering her yet ANOTHER elected office—that of president! Unless yet another Obama crawls out from under a rock to elbow her aside, again. So far, everything I've heard her say in her “campaign” is “smoke and mirrors.” Nothing concrete. Things like, “I want to be a champion for common people,” which means NOTHING. Other than that, NOTHING except what she wants to GIVE to people for nothing, using other people's money. She has no idea what a “common person is.” Not when she can COMMAND a half million dollars for a single half-hour speech as a BRIBE for future “favors.” Not if she can make (along with that fool she's married to) $12 million dollars, just since leaving the White House. She makes more money for taking a breath than most “average people” do in a year—or even a decade. (Hard Core Husky)

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