Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bypassing Congress

It was only a matter of time. Every time Obama goes to Congress to get his silly and useless gun laws passed, he has failed. In other situations where that has happened, he has groused about how Congress just hasn't followed his orders and “did it administratively.” Meaning he made “regulations” to be enforced by his nose-ring led bureaucrats as if they were law—and nobody “called him on it,” so they're now being ENFORCED as if they were law. So now he's going to do the same with regard to his anti-gun laws. He has several of them poised to be enforced, soon. He and his cronies say Sandy Hook couldn't have happened if these laws had been in effect. But that ignores the fact that the gunman STOLE the guns he used. In other cases shooters have PASSED “background checks.” So what could these laws have done to stop ANYTHING? In any case, 'bypassing Congress" is a violation of the law. Only problem is the Founders never envisioned a CRIMINAL like Obama coming along and actually DOING it and, because nobody said anything, getting away with it. So they didn''t prescribe a PUNISHMENT. (Conservative Byte)

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