Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mosby's Hiding Something

My guess is that Freddy Gray died of an aneurysm, or a heart attack, or a stroke, and his death could NOT have been murder or any other kind of homicide at the hands of the cops she “indicted.” This, she cannot have, or it would PROVE she's a phony. So she's now trying to “muzzle” the coroner so he can't make the cause of death public. I think that if the results of this autopsy are made public, her political career is OVER, and she wants to make sure that doesn't happen. I knew from the beginning, when she acted so precipitously, that this would happen. She “rushed in” before all the facts were in and, with the help of a “compliant Grand Jury, got an “indictment." It was very obvious that she had an ulterior motive. Now that the autopsy results are in, she's deathly afraid she, and her incompetence will be revealed. I notice she's still hiding behind a hundred microphones. Does she HAVE a body? I'm beginning to wonder. The autopsy results were released ONLY to her office (according to law), which makes it easy for her to hide her incompetence. Even the COPS didn't get a copy and have to rely on what SHE says is the cause of death. (Daily Caller)

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